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Gen.G recruits Chris Bosh as Player Management Advisor

Helping with teamwork and leadership.

  • 文本: Sam Bishop

Esports organisation Gen.G, which has a strong presence in places like League of Legends' Korean LCK competition and the Overwatch League, has revealed that they're partnering with NBA player Chris Bosh, who's coming on board as the Player Management Advisor.

Bosh is coming on board to help with Gen.G's focus on teamwork and leadership, meaning he'll mentor teams and players and focus on these elements, as well as the pressure of competition. The press release also says he'll be an advisor, coach, mentor, and confidante for the Gen.G players, giving them someone to trust.

"Everything about Gen.G aligns with my values and interests as an avid gamer," Bosh said. "Coaching and mentoring have always been part of my long-term plan in some capacity. We're creating a culture of winning and integrity based on the concept of teamwork — I can't wait to get started because the future of Gen.G, and esports as a whole, is extremely bright. I really appreciated Gen.G's approach to building winning teams, they were one of the first esports organizations to hire psychologists, physical trainers, really putting the player's health and well-being first. Gen.G is first-class all the way."

How can Chris Bosh help the team?

Photo: Gen.G

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