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GRTV News - Starfield 擁有超過 1000 萬玩家


Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today we're talking about one of the biggest games that have launched in September with that being Starfield. Feels like we talk about Starfield quite a lot these days but the reason why we're talking about today is because it's hit another really impressive sales milestone. So instead of me waffling on let's dive right into the news piece and take a look at this. Starfield has more than 10 million players. It's doing far better than Skyrim right now. There was never any doubt about whether or not Starfield will become one of 2023's most popular games so it wasn't surprising to learn Bethesda Game Studios first new IP in more than two decades had more than 2 million players even before its official launch, broke records on Steam and became Bethesda's biggest game launch of all time. Not that it's about to stop there."

"Bethesda reveals that more than 10 million players have played Starfield these first two weeks. It's obviously worth noting that this isn't copy sold as millions of these are enjoying the fantastic space adventure via Game Pass but it's still very impressive.
Especially considering The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim needed a month to reach a similar milestone."

"Time will tell how close to Skyrim's 60 million copies sold in total Starfield gets in a few years. So yeah it's taken Starfield two weeks to hit the 10 million players milestone. That's a huge milestone. Very few games manage to even get close to 10 million players so the fact that Starfield's done it in two weeks is both a tribute to the quality and the anticipation that surrounded this game but also to the power of Game Pass. As Eric puts in the news piece as well Skyrim topped out or has basically topped out over 60 million copies sold making it one of the highest or best-selling games of all time. Starfield's got a long way to go to get there."

"It's going to ship another 50 million copies and it will it will continue to sell copies especially with it being included on Game Pass and being able for people to play whenever they want. You know the one thing that Game Pass has really taught us as sort of consumers and people who look at the industry as a whole and sort of analyze it is that it gives games legs. You know games that you probably don't necessarily think are going to continue to keep selling and keep generating copies they do on Game Pass and one of the key ones and a great example of it is Ghostwire Tokyo which you know launched as a PlayStation 5 exclusive back like last sort of I think it was last sort of spring and then it came to Xbox and Game Pass sort of earlier this year and since then it's been steadily just getting more players coming in."

"It hit sort of four million back in sort of I think it was May then it went to five million in June and it hit six million in September so if Ghostwire Tokyo is anything to go by in the way that it can keep reopening players most likely due to Game Pass then Starfield and it's much more sort of eye-catching and yeah eye-catching sort of name to it and an idea no doubt that will continue to do so as well but as we as we know more about the game and we continue finding more about these sort of sales statistics we'll be sure to keep posting updated. It wouldn't surprise me personally if it hit 30 million copies sold by the end of the year. Sounds like a big number and it is a big number but if it's taken two weeks to hit 10 million I think that it can sort of triple that by the time that we hit 2024 but we'll see whether that comes to fruition. Yeah this is all the time we have in today's episode of GeoTV News so thank you all for watching we'll be back now tomorrow for the next one of the week so until then I hope you enjoy your Wednesday and we'll see you all on the next one. Take care everyone."