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Path of Exile 2

我們在Path of Exile 2上談論變形,德魯伊職業,路線圖等

遊戲總監喬納森·羅傑斯(Jonathan Rogers)和董事總經理克裡斯·威爾遜(Chris Wilson)向我們介紹了PoE2的所有內容,因為ARPG將繼續朝著明年6月的首次真正測試邁進。在這裡,我們將討論如何平衡類和轉換等等。

Audio transcriptions

"Gamescom 2023, it's our last day, finally, and we are excited because we just took a quick look, but very interesting look, at Path of Exile 2, and we saw a druid, and we saw him turning into a bear, and we saw some very beautiful graphics for the stage of the game already, and it's the year of ARPGs, and people are looking forward to learning more about the game, so thank you so much for joining us, guys."

"What can you tell us about the druid, and about the shapeshifting, which is of course perhaps one of the main new features in the game?
So the druid is a hybrid spellcaster and melee class, as a spellcaster he uses lots of natural disasters, like tornadoes, and lightning storms, and volcanoes, things like this, and as a melee character, he can turn into various animals, so we showed today him turning into a bear, he's got big stompy, big slams, and big attacks, but he can also turn into other characters as well, we're not showing that today, but a wolf is obviously something that a lot of people imagine a druid might want to turn into, as well as some other forms as well."

"So yeah, it's a lot of fun, and I guess the main thing we wanted to really focus on is the fact that you're changing between forms really frequently, you've got a lot of spells that can support tactically your attacks, so it means that you're jumping in and out of combat with the spells and your attacks, and really combining skills for a lot of synergy.
And that's, I guess, difficult to balance, of course you have your spells as a human, and then perhaps you can drop the volcano attack that I just saw, and then you can turn into a bear, and use that to your advantage as well, both attacking and defending."

"Yeah, so the balance is pretty hard, but one of the things we're very keen to do in Path of Exile 2 is to make it so that the most efficient way to play is also the most fun way to play, which is something that we're really focusing on, is to make it so that there is actually advantage to combining all of these things, so we really want the damage increased when you actually successfully combine things to be very high, which is something that I think in Path of Exile 1 we didn't quite achieve as well."

"And as I said, it looks really nice already, but you guys have this roadmap, you are going close by in June, so it's almost a year from now, but how do you guys feel about the status of the game right now, and perhaps this question is more for you.
Status-wise, the development of Path of Exile 2 is going really well, we've got enough time to get it finished, and we're very confident we can meet that deadline."

"In the background, of course, we've still got Path of Exile 1 going on, we've got new expansions every three months for that game, so it's a bit of a balancing act, making sure there's enough resources split between the two games, but we're very confident that Path of Exile 2 next year will be a really good game.
And other than the shape-shifting, what was the main request from those fans for you guys to implement into the sequel?
Because, for example, you're keeping the same static, what is called skill tree, sort of static."

"So what were they asking for you guys to do here?
I mean, really, the shape-shifting is just something that players really, really identify with for some reason, like certain people just really want to be able to do that.
But it is tricky to fit into a Path of Exile context because, especially with our skill system where all classes can use any skill, this kind of means that we have to work out what does it even mean to turn into a bear in Path of Exile."

"So the answer to that basically is that we've got bear skills, when you use any bear skill you turn into a bear, when you use another skill you turn out of a bear, for example.
And that just kind of means that it's all kind of handled automatically, it's very easy to use.
And technically any class can do it, but the druid is the one that's kind of designed, you know, being strength intelligence, it's kind of designed for the ability to use those kinds of skills."

"And speaking about design, of course this is a different story, and this is different environments, and of course different creatures, different characters.
So what can you tell us about more of the, you know, the broader view of the studio in terms of the talent that you guys are using, the artists, the design, the different things going on here in a broader way?
Well, we've built a world-class team of artists, programmers, and other content creators, and it's based in New Zealand, so it's sometimes kind of hard to hire people all the way to New Zealand, but we've got a really good team that we're confident can get the project finished really well, and it's really, really great working with all these very talented people."

"About the story itself, what can we learn as of now about what's going on, and what can players expect in terms of, you know, narrative?
So we're going to be talking more about story stuff later.
We've got definitely more to talk about there, but for now it's relatively simple."

"I can say that it is a direct sequel to Path of Exile 1.
It continues the storyline from there.
It's set about 25 years later, so some characters are still around, some characters are not.
But, oh, this is annoying."

"But, yeah, we'll be talking a lot more about story stuff later.
We do actually have some upcoming story content pretty soon to show people.
All right, and finally, we mentioned the June closed beta, but what's the next checkpoint?
Are you guys running another ExileCon, or when can we expect to learn more about the game?
We've got a lot of announcements planned between now and June of next year."

"We have a lot more classes to discuss, a lot of new systems to show, so keep your eyes out in the news.
We'll be revealing a lot of new information.
And we haven't talked about endgame yet either, which is something that obviously players are going to be very interested to talk about."

"So that's another thing we have to be announcing before we get to June next year.
Looking forward to endgame and to the werewolf sort of shapeshifting.
Thank you so much for your time, guys. Enjoy the show.
No problem. Thank you very much."