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Insta 360 Go 3 (快速瀏覽)

規模更小,但功率更大!不要低估這款新的驚人的Insta 360相機

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Now, we don't really have GoPros anymore, or at least the company kind of tanked and we're waiting for someone to buy it up to resume production, which is quite odd considering the fact that action cameras are very much something that people seem to want, at least a lot of types of people, but maybe the GoPro wasn't versatile enough."

"Well, that's where Insta 360 comes in because they have been wowing a lot of people with their Go series for a little while.
Now, this is the brand new Go 3 and I feel like that this might be the one to get if you are out and about for a brand new sort of action camera."

"There's a couple of reasons for that.
First off, the Go 3 is very, very, very small.
Now I say very small because this is actually it.
This, that one little there, like the little one right there, that is the camera itself and it doesn't have to sit in this housing, which is brand new and redesigned from the ground up by Insta 360."

"You can also put it on this, which is a little pendant, which basically means that you could have this on the inside of your shirt and then have this through the magnetic clasp just hanging on side of your clothes if there's something that you want to film from the body cam and up."

"You can also put it on, say, a bicycle helmet or a cap if you're a skater or a skiing helmet if you're skiing or doing any kind of snow sport.
And there is this also this little magnetic clasp here, which houses the entire thing on this little nice clasping anchor right here, which means that you can put it on regular, let's say selfie sticks or whatever it is."

"So it's incredible versatile thing.
The point is that through this, you can take all manner of footage that would be very difficult for you otherwise.
It's the same, not the same, but it's a new, slightly better one over 1.3 inch sensor, which is bigger than the old one, which means it draws more light."

"It also produces 10 bit color, which is quite important because the last one to go to was as portable, like the same camera housing was as small as this.
But while the footage was OK, it did get grainy, particularly with bad lighting conditions.
So seeing them upgrading the color science and also being able to draw in more light will probably fix that."

"The second thing that it does is that it has a vastly better shooting time.
We're talking 160 minutes of shooting at 4K, 120 FPS.
And this sensor here, even though that it physically is quite small, is actually 155 degrees, which means that it is like bordering between ultra wide and fisheye, which basically means that it will lend the sequences that you shoot with the grandeur that you want action cameras to be able to do."

"It is waterproof at up to 18 meters, which is great.
And obviously, this isn't the only mounting hardware that you can buy.
You can buy this little camera here and you will always get these accessories here.
But it comes in a variety of different packs, which basically means there is one with a harness for bicycling, like hardcore off-road bicycling, for instance."

"There is a car pack which gives you different suction cups to put on car bonnets, for instance.
There is just a lot of variety, a lot of different scenarios where the Insta360 GO 3 comes handy.
The main thing that I kind of love is that it now has its own viewfinder, because back in the olden days with the GO 2, which is like two years old now, you had to use your smartphone to pair up and that Bluetooth pairing would need to be redone every time in order to see whether or not the camera viewfinder or the lens was pointed at the subject that you wanted to film and then you could start."

"Now it has its own very nice viewfinder, which probably means that you will be able to quickly set up and be able to start a section of footage that you want.
So these aren't cheap, like you can go watch the various packs, but I believe they come up to like €500, so not cheap."

"But to me, it's massive the way that they have improved just the basic design of this little thing.
And I mean, still, look how small this is.
Look how impressive technology has become that we can get a camera that we can get usable footage with, which is this small and which can fit on a magnetic pendant that you can wear under your clothes."

"So that's the Insta360 GO 3, and it's really easy to recommend, but obviously we'll be shooting more with it in the weeks and months to come to show you probably in EV hour videos as well."