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Baldur's Gate III

GRTV News - Baldur's Gate III最受歡迎的種族,階級等揭曉


Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. It's a new week and we're kicking things off by talking about one of the biggest games, I say one of the biggest games, clearly the biggest game of August so far with that being Baldur's Gate 3. Now Larian has released a massive infographic that talks about a whole bunch of different interesting facts and thoughts about the game including the most popular race, the most popular class and more. So that's what we're going to be talking about today because it's quite interesting including, including actually my ad, how many people managed to beat the game in its first weekend. A game that has over 170 hours of cinematics, somebody managed to beat it in its first weekend. So anyway, let's have a look at all that."

"Baldur's Gate 3, most popular race, class and more revealed. 368 players managed to finish Larian's enormous RPG in its first weekend. I'm not too sure how they managed that but they did so congrats to those people. They must have stayed up for over two days, two and a half days straight to do it. But anyway, a week has gone since the masterpiece that is Baldur's Gate 3 launched on PC and millions of players have already spent a lot of time with the game. This means that the developers at Larian have been able to gather some fun statistics that they now want to share. The team reveals that 368 players managed to finish Baldur's Gate 3 in its opening weekend. Pretty much all of these players did so with a custom character as 93% of players chose not to start an origin story. We're also told Half-Elf was the most popular race, closely followed by Human and Elf. Paladin was the most common. 12% of player deaths were from friendly fire and nearly 10% of players spent more time, more than an hour in the character creator. These are just some of the fun facts from Baldur's Gate 3's opening weekend. You can see them all in the infographic below."

"Do any of these surprise you? Are you the outlier in any of them? So here we go. We've got 368 players managed to finish the game in its opening weekend. Again, I'm not sure how somebody managed to do that. I'm not sure how anybody managed to do that, but they did. Over 93% of players rolled a custom character. 88 years worth of time spent in the character creation suite. 10% of characters spent at least an hour in the character creation. The origin character selection, the most people who picked origin characters chose Gale. Then it was Karlak, Astarion, Shadowheart, Wylde and Liesel. Gale was also the 7th cause of death for players, but you only have yourselves to blame for being so flammable."

"So, there you go. You die by Gale. Quite common. Class choices. Paladin was the most popular.
Race choices. Half-Elf was the most popular. The Cleric was the least popular class by a considerable margin, actually. Nobody really wants to play the Cleric. It's quite surprising.
And then that is the Githyanki. Trying to read it upside down here. That was the least popular class, but not by much. The Halfling was there as well. So, you know, it wasn't much between the least popular classes. Almost 100,000 players have been rejected by Astarion, so, you know, failed that sort of love interest quest. One NPC was shoved into a chasm for every concurrent player we had during our peak on Sunday. So, 815,000 NPCs were shoved into chasms. Interesting. Of all the player deaths, 12 were caused by friendly fire. In terms of diplomacy, the majority of people save the Grove, but, you know, there's a third of players that decide to assault it. Scratch the Dog has been petted by over 750,000 times, cementing his reputation as the goodest boy in all the realms. Players spoke to over 1.4 million corpses and over 2.4 million animals. Quite a lot of corpses there. And players have played for at least 10 million hours or over 1,225 years. So, quite a considerable amount of time already spent in the game. I think it's quite interesting. I always love it when developers do these sort of infographic things and reveal really niche and unusual daft information and statistics."

"So, I appreciate that Laran did that. Yeah, you know, if you haven't played the game yet, there's a lot to do. I haven't checked out. I haven't managed to find some time to play Baldur's Gate 3 in its entirety yet. But let's just say that the people who managed to do it, the 368 people who managed to do it in one weekend. Hats off to you guys. Definitely."

"That's very impressive. I'm not sure how you managed to find the motivation to sit and play the game for probably about 50 hours straight over the course of one weekend. But yeah, very impressive. If you haven't checked out our Baldur's Gate 3 review, you can find that on your local Game Ranter region. But otherwise, yeah, let's know what you think about Baldur's Gate 3."

"Where do you fit into some of these statistics as well? What did you do with the growth?
How many corpses have you talked to? How many NPCs have you pushed off cliffs and stuff like that?
Let us know in the comments below. And until then, that's all the time we have on today's episode of GRTV News.
We'll be back now tomorrow for the next one. So until then, I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday."

"We'll see you all on the next one. Take care, everyone."