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Netflix:2023 年 8 月看什麼

我們來看看本月即將登陸 Netflix 的最激動人心的電影和電視劇。

Audio transcriptions

"With a new month now here, you're no doubt wondering what Netflix is bringing and offering up to its subscribers in the coming weeks. To ensure you catch the latest and most exciting editions, we've taken a look at Netflix's August line-up and boiled it down to the most compelling and interesting projects. It should be said, however, that we have based our picks on a UK release schedule, so don't forget to check local listings for accurate information."

"This sports documentary is centred around the influencer, social media personality and boxer Jake Paul and explores how he transitioned from YouTube star to professional athlete.
The second season of the British romantic drama further continues to unpack and explore the unlikely relationship that has formed between young adults, Charlie and Nick."

"The second part of the second season of the legal drama, The Lincoln Lawyer, sees Mickey Haller continuing to provide legal services to those in need, all from a practice he runs out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car.
This Korean reality series puts a group of individuals through an array of demanding tasks that are designed to simulate and replicate a zombie apocalypse."

"This crime drama series stars Matthew Broderick as the shifty mind behind the OxyContin prescription drug epidemic that swept across the United States.
The live-action adaptation of Aichiro Oda's iconic and beloved pirate anime series, One Piece, is almost here. This show will look to explore the world of Endless Oceans and sees how Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew handle the task of locating and claiming rare treasure in a bid to become the Pirate King."

"The fantastic 2021 reboot of the iconic supernatural film series sees Paul Rudd teaming up with a team of young stars, including McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard, all in the effort of stopping a group of vengeful ghosts from wreaking havoc on a midwestern town.
Netflix's big action film of the month sees Gal Gadot starring as the intelligence operative Rachel Stone, as she works to stop a hacker from stealing and releasing her agency's most valuable weapon."

"This animated adventure film looks to adapt the famous story of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, as he travels from China to the West and meets and has to overcome all manner of powerful beings and creatures along the way."