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Gamepedias' structure

Gamepedias in Gamereactor are not like the well known wikis pages. We work more forum-like style where you can build threads and articles inside, as in picture:

How to gamepedia
  • Each Gamepedia includes Subjects and Articles
  • Subjects are like threads in forums, and should include articles or posts
  • Articles are like posts in forums. Each subject is compound of articles
Create a New Gamepedia

It's really easy to create a new Gamepedia by using the "Create a New Wiki" button placed in gamepedia main page.

  • Gamereactor account needed Sign up or register!
  • No need to link a game to your new Gamepedia
  • Upload a picture is mandatory so your gampedia looks awesome
How to New
Making a Subject
how to

Already you have your new Gamepedia done. Now. it's time to fill it with Subjects and Articles.

To make a new Subject -or topic- you just need to go to your recently created Gamepedia, and select "New subject" from menu as in picture. There you can fill your subject title but also you can write your first article for that subject.

  • Go to Menu
  • Select the option "New subject"
  • Fill subject title and write your first article
Writing articles

If you habe been following all steps, then you already have a Gamepedia with a subject and probably an article. But you want to write another article/entry for an specific subject, right?

To make a new article you must be sure you already are in the subject page you want to include your article. It's very important that you doublecheck you are in that page. If so, simply use the same procedure as writing subjects. Go to Menu and use the "New article" option.

  • Be sure you are in the right subject page
  • Go to Menu
  • Select the option "New article"
  • Write your article and save
How to article
How to done