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Riot Games has become a shareholder of the developer of Aim Lab

Aim Lab is set to become Valorant's official training partner going forward.


Riot Games has officially revealed that it has become a minority shareholder of Statespace, the developer behind the aim training platform, Aim Lab. The deal will see the two parties strengthening their bond, and will see Aim Lab being regarded as Valorant's official training and coaching platform going forward.

To support this deepened relationship, the press release states that Aim Lab will be able to use Riot's intellectual property in-game, to provide the most "true-to-game training possible." It's also said that Riot will be working with Statespace to deliver a training platform for MOBA players in the future.

"We look forward to collaborating with Statespace on developing innovative training and coaching tools for VALORANT and MOBA players around the world to improve their skills at every level," said Jake Perlman-Garr, Global Head of Corporate Development at Riot Games.

There is no word as to how big of a shareholder Riot has become in Statespace.