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G2 Esports has announced its women's Valorant team

It'll be known as G2 Gozen.


G2 Esports has announced its women's Valorant roster, a team that will be called G2 Gozen, and will compete in both women's events as well as mixed leagues. Boasting five members, including one star who was one of the first female buy-outs in esports, the team is as follows:

  • Juia "Juliano" Kiran

  • Michaela "Mimi" Lintrup

  • Zainab "zAAz" Turkie

  • Petra "Petra" Stoker

  • Anja "aNNja" Vasalic

"I grew up with gaming since I could walk and talk," said Juliano. "I started playing Counter Strike when I was 11 and went to my first tournament at 16. Now that I play professionally, I take my career in esports very seriously. There is no end goal for the team; instead, we strive for greater success and continuous improvement. We all train for eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve hours a day in order to continuously improve and win more tournaments."

There's no mention as to the next tournament that the team will compete in, but G2's CEO Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez did comment on the signing by saying; "To me they aren't a female team, they are our VALORANT team. At G2, we build teams and bring in players based on skill and brand fit. These are amongst the best female players in the world and we're proud to have them. We'll support them all the way, as we support all our teams, and look forward to seeing them grow and kick some ass as part of the G2 army."