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League of Legends

Fnatic reveals plenty of staff changes for the LEC

Their League of Legends team is making a lot of alterations heading into 2020, trying to make an impression in Europe.

Esports organisation Fnatic has announced a few new members joining their League of Legends efforts this year, including Javier 'Dardo' Zafra as the new team director.

That's not all though, as helping Fnatic next year in the European Championship (LEC) is Alexander 'LocoEX' Hugo as the new manager, Carlos 'Aagie' Cuenca as an assistant coach, and Marius 'Veigar v2' Aune as a strategic coach.

Fnatic talked with players and staff from last year to find out what needed improving, and implemented the changes based on that feedback.

This Fnatic side is one of the best in Europe, but has struggled with results at times in the last year, so they'll be aiming to recover form in 2020.

Are these good changes?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games


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