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"YOU GAME IT!" Taipei Game Show~~~~~~~

作者 GOROO 2019年 01月 25日, 21:59
此文章被標註為: TpGS, PS4, SEKIRO

There's a so called biggest game event in Taiwan on Jan 25 to 28, I'm stuck here without my PS4, so I coming~~~~~~~~~

I found there will be tons of gaming sport in the exhibition, such as Heartstone, Overwatch, Black ops, these I played and sucked.

PUBG and Mario, I'm good at them, do not judge

Also this detective game with Kimura Takuya...... hasn't it been out for quite a while? Wish they make one with Yui Aragaki being a lawyer.

So like always, walk around and get lots of gifts!!!!!

Spent lots of time to get to RE2 and SEKIRO, SEKIRO is awsome but much like Tenchu. Bloodborne is my all time favorite of soft from after all, wonder if there will be a sequel anytime soon.

Too crowded I don't have the time to shoot well.